Monday, January 4, 2010

So apparently I'm the man in the moon.

And yes, I am indeed, made of cheese.

(There's nothing like a Shakira video to make you feel like you're the huge mass sucking the Earth in and spinning it 'round.)

Self-deprecating aside, today has been a pretty good day. Woke up at 12 (think I'm getting sick, I can think of no other reason why I am so ridiculously tired), got ready for work, ate a 220 calorie lean cuisine. Later drank 2 glasses of unsweetened tea and thoroughly enjoyed my fat-free chocolate pudding.

For some inexplicable reason I crave chocolate desperately when I'm trying to eat better. I never want it when I'm shoving cheeseburgers, french fries and sugary soda down my throat. But there's something about brown rice and skim milk that makes chocolate seem like the key to eternal bliss.

Convenient, because I can satiate the urge with fat-free chocolate pudding, skim & sugar-free chocolate milk or, when I'm feeling naughty, a deep, dark, honest-to-goodness, microscopic piece of actual chocolate.

It's harder to satisfy the desire for grease soaked cheese and pepperoni covered carbs dipped in fat sauce. (Aka Me N Ed's pepperoni pizza with ranch dressing. My own personal Kryptonite. I'm pretty sure it was invented solely to destroy all my dreams of not having a heart attack at age 25.)

I'm thinking fish, rice and zucchini for dinner.

And maybe a run after that. Hopefully I don't throw earth's rotations off.

(Stupid wiggly, might-as-well-be-naked-skin-tight-nude-color-body-suit-wearing, she-wolf dancer girl...)

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