Thursday, October 13, 2011

If only I were a rabbit.

I wish this looked amazingly delicious to me.

But unfortunately, it doesn't.

Gag me with the fork.

Take that same base and turn it into any of these however? Yum.

The chinese chicken with it's crunchy fried toppings, nuts, glazed chicken and sesame seeds.

The cobb with it's grilled chicken, crunchy bacon, tender egg yolk and creamy blue cheese.

Greek salad with soft feta cheese, salty olives and hearty chickpeas.

And the taco salad. Cheddar cheese and flavorful ground meat, sometimes tortilla chips, sometimes spicy ranch dressing.

I pretend to like lettuce but really I don't think I do.

I like it buried amongst strong flavors.

Particularly cream, fat, and fried crunch.

I wish I was a girl who loved raw veggies.

But I so am not.

It's a serious problem, according to my scale.

I wish somebody would invent a lettuce that tasted like potato chips.

That would be awesome.

1 comment:

  1. Amen! I actually like salad now, but it took a long long time. I find that I don't like iceberg/romaine lettuce, but when I have argula and endive, and darker green leafy veggies, I eat that up so good