Thursday, December 1, 2011

Inspired By Snooki

Yeah. 3 words I NEVER thought I'd say.

Allow me to elaborate.

Early this morning (2 am) I woke up to crashing, roaring noises. Apparently wind speed had reached 20 mph and branches and boxes and odds and ends were being heaved about all over the place.

WiFi (that's my dog) was convinced that the miscellaneous garbage was actually a cunning predator come to devour him and would not stop barking.

Then the power went out. Which you would think, since it was already night time, would not really matter... but I assure you, pitch black is quite noticeable.

Especially when you have a little dog trying to convince you that there is evil lurking just outside the door and all you can hear is creepy wind noises.

At that point, I pretty much knew I wasn't going to be going back to sleep anytime soon.

So I did what any person who doesn't have power and can't sleep does... I used my iPhone to check out the latest celebrity gossip.

That's a totally normal thing to do when you can't sleep cuz you're convinced that there's a serial killer outside or aliens are invading or that the wind is going to blow your roof over and you'll be crushed to death... right?

Thought so.

So back to Snooki.

Apparently she has lost a very noticeable amount of weight. I may be way behind the times on this news. I don't know because apparently I only check out celebrity gossip when I feel like my life is in danger... but it was a revelation to me.

She went from this.

To this.

No doubt, she looks good. Well. Better. I could do without the kissy face and the shoes that are a size too big, but I don't think anybody could deny that her body looks great now.

That's not the part that inspired me though. I mean, I've seen a lot of before and after pictures in my day. Some with much more dramatic and inspiring results.

Apparently, at her heaviest (sooo... the first picture) she weighed 130 pounds.

Uh.... I weigh 130 pounds.

Okay, okay. But she's really, really short and that's why 130 pounds looks like a lot on her.

Except... Uh... I'm really, really short too. Like 4'11 short.

So that means I look exactly like... DAMN it.

And that is the story of how Snooki inspired me to get my butt in gear and lose these last 20-25 pounds.


  1. lol at your labels it makes me laugh.

    I'm 5ft5 and I weigh... nearly twice what you do. Uhm I can only blame about 30 lbs of it on the baby. This is depressing. Sigh.

    Snooki = Snooker = Hooker? Word association ftw.

    Wi fi is an incredibly cute dog name!

  2. @HeTookMyLastName- Well pregnancy is definitely not a time to be worrying about losing weight, just keep nourishing Drake! :) And I'm sure as you adjust to the craziness that is motherhood (Well, I'm imagining, because I'm mother only to a super hyper terrier terror) some of it will come off naturally! And the stubborn weight... well ya know... I'm still trying to figure that part out myself. :P

  3. Doesn't it suck to be short! I am 5.2, 159 pounds and in the obese range.

    My weight range for my height? 107 to 129. My doctor wants me to be around 125 pounds - he's such an asshole. Kidding!

    I like your writing style.

  4. @Mybizzykitchen- It DOES suck to be short. Our tiny little bodies don't burn as many calories and that means we can't eat as much pizza/ice cream as those stinking amazon women. Boo!!

    When I'm inactive and at my ideal weight 1500 calories is what I would need to MAINTAIN. That's what "regular girls" consume on a diet!

    I weighed 150 in January and was in the obese range as well. I also hate how easily even a small amount of weight shows on our frames.

    I'm with you sister friend! Being "fun size" has definite draw backs!