Wednesday, November 2, 2011

All or Nothing.

I have this problem.

It's what they call an "all or nothing" attitude.

It goes kind of like this.

"Well... considering I don't have time to run 50 miles today, it is completely pointless for me to exercise at all."

And then I just sit on the couch. For 5 hours.

It isn't a good attitude to have.

So yesterday somewhere I read a recommendation to do just one push up a day. And then the next week do two. And then do three. Etc. etc.

The idea being that something is better than nothing.

And I was like "Pfffftttt. I could totally do one push-up a day."

So I did about 15 push-ups.

And then because I was already at it?

I also worked out with the Nike Women's Training app for 15 minutes.

I'm probably not going to drop 10 pounds in a week with this mini work-out plan.

But I will say that today my butt was kind of sore from doing those squats last night.

And I'm actually looking forward to my next 15 push-ups and another mini work-out.

So maybe it's true...

Something is better than nothing.

1 comment:

  1. Yes! It is better than nothing! I do this exact same thing. If I'm not going run an entire marathon during my son's nap..then why bother doing anything? But I got on the treadmill today for about 20 min before he woke up screaming...and thought "well..that was better than nothing!" :-)