Friday, November 11, 2011

What is my problem?

There are these big issues that I'm having when it comes to taking better care of my body and getting all hott-ified.

For some reason, I've never really stopped to think about why I hate exercise, why I over eat every day, why I go out to eat too much, and why I don't eat enough of the good-for-me stuff.

Not asking why after noticing these patterns has been a huge mistake. Probably the hugest mistake I've made on this journey so far.

Because if I get to the root of my issues then maybe, just maybe, I can come up with ways to fix them instead of hoping it will all just magically go away.

So this is my brainstorming.

My four biggest, most basic problems. Why I keep screwing it up.

And how I'm gonna fix it.

  • I'm too tired. I don't wanna exert myself. I just want to flop on the couch all uselessly.
  • I had a long day. I just want to relax. See also: I just want to flop on the couch all uselessly.
  • It's not worth it. 10 minutes a day isn't gonna make me a victoria secret model, so why bother?
  • Strength training scares the crap out of me. I don't know what to do. I don't know how to do it. I'm gonna pull muscle, bust open a vital organ, and probably die if I try.
1) I'm tired because I'm not getting enough sleep. So sleep. Duh. Bed before 10 pm. Also? I should exercise when I have the most energy. FYI self, that would be the morning time.
2) If I exercise early in the morning then I can be useless in the evening. Yay!
3) Not true. I won't be Adriana Lima but I'll feel better and I'll be creating a good habit. It's all about the habits.
4) Okay, calm down. Just take baby steps. Don't act like you don't know how to do a lunge.

  • Someone else is eating
  • I'm bored
  • I'm depressed
  • I already ate "bad" earlier in the day so it doesn't matter
  • I get a craving/just want to taste something
1) Occupy your mouth. Get a diet soda as a treat.
2) Plan meals. Read. Organize something. Play with WiFi. Go for a walk. Put together an outfit. Fix something. Paint my nails. Take a bubble bath. Plan a dinner for friends. Help someone. Watch a documentary. Study/Practice. Learn to do something. Write.
3) Pray. Meditate. Throw myself into work or studying. Instead of being all selfish and focusing on doom and gloom, do something for someone else.
4) There is no such thing as bad. I didn't make the right choices. Oh well. Start making good choices now.
5) First of all, stop watching food network. Then try any of these. Gum. Flavored water. Tea. Coffee. Light hot chocolate. Baby carrots. Pickle. Roast a vegetable.

  • I'm out running around
  • I'm feeling too lazy or tired to cook
  • Nothing I have at home sounds good
1) Buy "better choice" frozen meals to keep in freezer at work. Plan better.
2) Have a few "quick" versions of foods we really like on hand. Then I have no excuses.
3) Usually this means I want comfort food. That's fine. But if I make it myself I'll eat less, spend less, and get in more nutrients. Try spaghetti. Grilled cheese. Quesadilla. Greek salad. Chili. Bean and cheese burrito. Cheeseburger.


  • Vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Water
1) Top beds of spinach with more appealing foods like cheeses, nuts, and grains. Mix spinach into smoothies/eggs/pasta sauce. Buy vegetables I really like. Baby carrots. Squashes. Mushrooms. Cauliflower. Artichokes. Asparagus. Ears of corn. Peas. Brussels sprouts. Mung beans. Cucumbers. Green beans. Snow peas. Tomato sauce. Cabbage. Celery. Kale. Arugula. Edamame. Always have some type of cooked vegetable on hand. Make sure 1/2 of what I'm eating at lunch and dinner qualifies as a vegetable.
2) Buy white whole wheat flour and use it to bake. Find a whole grain bread I like from the store. Learn to cook quinoa, bulgur, and barley in delicious, easy ways. Don't forget that popcorn and oatmeal count.
3) Refill and drink the water from my sippy bottle 4 times. Keep it with me wherever I go. Yes it makes me have to pee a lot and my bosses probably think I'm freakish, but OH WELL.

Now I've addressed these problems and I KNOW what I need to do.

And knowledge is power, right?


  1. Do you remember what you looked like when you were younger?

    Right now, I'm using gum. My job at the bakery makes me want to munch so much, the gum is the only thing keeping me from eating myself into oblivion at work.

  2. It is..and it isn't. I know good and well why I'm 25lbs over weight ( my dr's chart tells me). I know how to get rid of said 25 lbs, I've done it a bazillion times. But that doesn't make me "love" exercise, or broccoli..or plain chicken breast. I have to just do it. And that sucks. I relate to all of your struggles. You crack me up and I love reading your posts! This wasn't a huge help..but I just wanted to let you know you're not alone! (that makes you feel better