Thursday, November 17, 2011

A few things I've learned this week.

1) Grapefruit literally tastes like vomit. Seriously people. How can anyone eat that? No... Seriously. I need to know.

2) There IS a diet out there that doesn't treat carbs like they are the spawn of Satan. Yay! I want that one!

3) However pretty much everyone agrees that sugar and refined carbs are, in fact, the devil. Yep. That's right. Satan is a cupcake.

4) If you randomly start eating 90% plant based foods when you previously were eating nothing but sugar your body will be uncooperative. It has become coddled and lazy so it protests when you *gasp* eat things it actually has to work to break down into energy. There will be smelly farts and your husband will probably gag. Just handle it like I do, blame the dog, and finish the rest of your roasted cauliflower.

5) You can convince your husband to spend $70 on the new Zelda game by assuring him you will be getting 'lots' of exercise while swinging that wiimote around like it's a sword. This works because in his mind 'lots' of exercise equals cuter naked wife. Also possibly because you were smart enough to marry a nerd who loves Zelda too.

So as you can see, it's been a good week. Well except for the grapefruit.

That was just gross.


  1. Seriously!? I love grapefruit lol

  2. @FatGirl- (Feels really horrible typing that btw) HOW?!! How can you like it?! You must be tasting something differently than I am. Cuz there is just No. Way.

  3. haha my husband LOVES Zelda. But he's so hooked on Skyrim he hasn't mentioned it coming out. hehe

  4. Hmm...I don't LOVE grapefruit, but I don't hate it that much either. Pretty sour though.

    Yeah, fiber and veggies are AWESOME except for the gas...hahaha. Some are less gas-producing than others, broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels are expecially bad for that. (But so delicious!)