Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Grocery Shopaholic + Trader Joe Love

Last night I heard about a delectable item for sale at Trader Joe's... dark chocolate with salted caramel. I knew I had to pay TJ's a visit even if it was just to get that delicious sounding candy bar.

Of course that's pretty far from being the only thing I got.

In fact I didn't even end up getting that bar because they were sold out. BOO!!

I did get a dark chocolate toffee bar though... It's pretty delicious. But not caramel.

Also I forgot to photograph it, but I did get a nice group shot of everything else I picked up.

(Are you one of those people who likes to peak into other people's shopping carts and see what they're getting? I TOTALLY am.)

A watermelon! We're having people over on Wednesday for a bbq so I thought this would accompany nicely.

Garlic fries. My husband LURVS garlic fries so we're going to give these a shot for the bbq as well.

Frozen strawberries. Just something I always have on hand for smoothie making.

Havarti cheese. My absolute favorite.

Goat cheese (Chevre). Never tried it before but I've heard raves about it so I'm excited.

Tomato and basil hummus. My husband said he liked that flavor so I got it to try. It's pretty good but I think the spicy hummus is better.

Kettle corn. I love this stuff. A snack for this weekend.

Snapea crisps. Never tried them before last night. They're interesting. I don't know why but they taste vaguely like peanut butter.

Chocolate almond milk. LOVE! Chocolate almond milk + frozen banana chunks blended = heaven.

Sea salt. 'Nuff said.

Chile lime dried mango. For my husband. One of his favorite snacks.

Fiberful fruit bar. I heard it tastes like a fruit rollup so I got one to try.

Black figs. I've never tasted figs before. Dried or otherwise. I tried one last night and... I don't know. I don't think I can eat them plain. I'm searching for a good recipe because I'm hoping I'll be more wowed if they are baked/broiled/grilled up. (In fact I read they were good with goat cheese... which I just so happen to have bought.)

Corn tortillas. Gonna make tacos today.

Seaweed snack. Always saw this package and thought it was interesting. Last night I was in an experimental mood so I finally just bought them. They remind me of sushi. I like them. My husband loves them infinitely more.

Reduced Guilt Pita chips. I love these. Had to have them for my hummus.

Also there is an empty bag of garlic(?) and herb pizza dough.

It's empty because shortly after I got home I made this.

Mmmmmm it was delicious. I've never made pizza before. Dough scares the crap out of me. If a recipe requires kneading or rising or cutting butter in I will most likely ruin it. But this was easy, the dough was already made! So I just rolled it out and topped with tomato sauce, mozzerella and dollops of TJ's bruschetta (From an earlier trip... also delicious. Originally got it to slather inside of grilled cheese sammiches).

After TJ's we went to Whole Foods and bought mini Brioche buns for Wednesday's bbq. I hope they are good because they were $7 for 8 little buns!! >.O I need to find a local bakery that sells artisan breads for a little less...

Then Target. I was thinking I had seen a dark chocolate caramel sea salt bar there but to no avail.

I did however find shoes for $7.50.


Then the regular grocery store for tri-tip, a pizza pan, muenster cheese, a bag of spinach, a portobello mushroom cap, mozzarella cheese, a bag of sour punch straw bites, and beer.

I didn't make it to the gym because I didn't get home until 10:30 pm. If I can get some food prep work for this weekend done (mostly making chocolate chip and snickerdoodle cookies) then maybe I will get to go tonight!


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  1. Hi Ty, I just found your site via your comment on Kelly's Happy Texans, had to stop by and say "wow...you and I are alot alike. We obviously both like food journal pictures, looking in other people's grocery carts (and love the photo and description of your TJ's run! Havarti IS the best!! And yes, figs and goat cheese are heavenly!!) as well as a good bargain. The shoes are lovely!!! Best wishes on your journey to fit! I've bookmarked and will visit again.