Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wait for it...

Yesterday I was contemplating buying angus beef patties from Trader Joe's. 2 for I think $5. It seemed too steep to me so I didn't end up getting them. We love burgers though and I like the idea of having stuff in the freezer I can make easily.

Fresh & Easy to the rescue! I got these both:

For $5. 8 patties for $5. Now that's a deal.

I also picked up cherries. 2 pounds for $4 and boneless, skinless chicken breast for $2.49 per pound. Yay!

After my success with the pizza endeavor last night I decided I'm going to make spinach artichoke chicken pizza as an appetizer tomorrow for our little gathering.

Which brings me to why I am still awake at midnight.

First of all I spent most of the evening baking these guys:

The short container is chocolate chip cookies and the tall one is 3/4 full of snickerdoodles. Those are for this weekend.

But for tomorrow (and why I am still awake) we've got these guys:

Red velvet cupcakes! The red velvet cupcakes were actually an afterthought. Before those I crushed up chocolate graham crackers and mixed them with butter. Smooshed 'em down into the bottom of a cupcake liner and baked 'it for 7 minutes. Then I made a "cheesecake" batter and spooned it in. THEN I made a red velvet cake batter and spooned that on top. Tomorrow I'll finish them off with a dollop of fresh whipped cream.

The caveat however was I only had enough cheesecake batter to make 12 red velvet-cheesecake-cupcakes but I had enough red velvet batter to make 24! Hence why I baked some up plain. Now they are out of the oven and I am waiting for them to cool so I can put them in a tuppy and go to bed.

I'll finish 'em off with cream cheese frosting tomorrow.

Don't worry, while I did try one each of everything I made, none of it will entice me beyond that. It's all baked with love for others.

AND while I did have quite a bit of sweets tonight (1/2 chocolate chip cookie, 1/2 snickerdoodle cookie, 1/2 red velvet-cheesecake-cupcake, 1 full red velvet cupcake) I also spent the afternoon on my hands and knees scrubbing the carpet in my living room. And sweeping. And mopping.

Ugh. That's gotta count for at least half a cookie right?

Okay. Pretty sure those cuppies are cooled enough. I am headed to bed!


  1. Woo Hoo....way to go on the grocery score. And way to go only have half of each of the baked treats. I'm not sure if I'd be able to portion control like that. Have a great day today.

  2. That looks delicious!!!! That many cookies wouldnt last in my house for a second!