Sunday, January 8, 2012

17 Day Diet- Day 1

I did pretty good today.

I realized that I totally forgot to drink my lemon water first thing so I'll be sure to do it tomorrow morning. I drank it with lunch.

For breakfast I had a serving of frozen strawberries blended with water and 2 scoops of vanilla protein powder. (We were unfortunately out of eggs.)

I also ate a pink lady apple.

For a snack I had a salmon patty. I was cooking them up for my husband's dinner and they just looked soooooooo good.

I also had 2 ounces of chicken breast for the same reason that I was cooking them up to have on hand and it was calling my name.

On my way to the grocery store I had one of the Oikos vanilla yogurts and some baby carrots.

When I got home I realized that I had not had ANY green tea (oops) so brewed a cup and a half and snacked on some roasted cabbage.

Also I poured some of that yummy blue cheese over the last of the iceberg lettuce mix.

Around 4 pm I had some soup I made a few days ago with chickpeas, kale, tomato and a tiny bit of chicken chorizo sausage. The chickpeas are a semi-cheat. I think the carbs slow down weight loss but they're allowed on the vegetarian plan which I'll be switching back and forth between.

For proper dinner I had 4 ounces of chicken breast with a bunch of broccoli and a tbsp of the caesar dressing for dipping.

Finished off the night with my last probiotic. 6 ounces plain greek yogurt with 2 tbsp sugarfree jam and 1 tbsp slivered almonds. The almonds count as "healthy fat". I don't cook with olive oil generally and I don't like it plain on salad so most likely I'll be using nuts in place of oil.

I've drank all 3 cups of green tea and 8 cups of other liquid. Tea is supposed to count against your water intake but I have a trick for taking the caffeine out. I'm assuming the caffeine is the reason they don't want you to count tea as water.

Estimated total calories are 1,250.

Also I weighed in today. 135.1.

I'll weigh in again next Sunday or Monday.

Haven't done my 17 minutes of exercise yet, but I'm gonna do that riiiighhttt.... now. Yay elliptical!

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