Thursday, January 19, 2012

I love my ugly shoes.

I am a girl who loves shoes.

I especially love shoes that are as tall as skyscrapers, extra glittery, or have a bow. I am not a girl who wears converse or sketchers or nikes in every day life.

Tennis shoes make my feet depressed and a little suicidal.

I have possibly 80 pairs of shoes. As much as I love shoes, I am also a cheap bastard. I can confidently say that MOST of the shoes I have in my closet cost less than $20.

There was that one time last year in San Francisco when I realized that cheap $20 flats from Target are NOT awesome for being on your feet 6 hours a day. So I spent $50 and bought a comfy pair of moccasins. My feet thanked me, but I still died a little on the inside. $50 for a pair of shoes! That was more than I had EVER spent. Ever!

But then? Two days ago? I hit a new all-time high.


On one pair of shoes.

You would think that if someone as cheap and girly shoe loving as me was going to spend $100 on a pair of shoes, they would have to be pretty dang special.

Well they are special.

But also? They are hideous.

In fact, they are possibly the most ugly shoes I have ever seen.

Wanna see?

Those are them. I have this exact pair in all their froggy glory.

Aren't they disgusting?

They are, I know.

If you aren't hip to the trend, they're called Vibrams. Supposedly they do all these miraculous amazing things and can teach you "how" to run.

I don't really care about any of that.

There is one thing I love as much as putting a beautiful pair of shoes on... and that is taking them off.

I love being barefoot.

As soon as I step inside, I take my shoes off. Frequently when I go outside I leave my shoes off. My feet are dirty, blackened, and calloused permanently. My husband looks at me like I am insane when I walk around naked-footed on hot, rough asphalt or cold, sharp rocks like it is nothing.

But I will never change.

So you know why I spent $100 on a pair of Vibrams?

Cuz when you run in them... it is like running barefoot.

And now every day I wake up so excited to go outside and pound the pavement all free and wild and unencumbered by bulky tennis shoes and without worrying about razor sharp shards of glass.

It's kind of... amazing.

I love my ugly shoes.

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