Saturday, January 7, 2012

17 Day Diet- Groceries.

What I bought for groceries and how much I spent!

Meat, lots and lots of meat.

FYI, I didn't take pictures of multiples.

In the photo and in my freezer I've got a total of 2 pounds of chicken sausages, 1 pound chicken chile lime burgers, approximately 14 pounds of boneless skinless chicken breast and approximately 6 pounds ground turkey.

3 lbs salmon burgers, 3 lbs tuna steaks, 1 lb ruffy, 14 oz tuna in red curry sauce and 14 oz tuna in green curry sauce.

For marinades and dipping.

Hot & sweet mustard, tequila lime marinade, balsamic dressing (which I dropped and busted so I won't be using it, clearly), sesame soy ginger, mojo criollo, and garlic and herb.

3 bags brussels sprouts, 1 giant bag green beans, 2 bags broccoli florets, 2 bags asparagus spears, 2 bags cauliflower.

A basil plant.

2 pints cherry tomatoes, 4-5 roma tomatoes.

Celery, baby carrots, purple cabbage, Kale, iceberg lettuce salad mix, bunch of onions and garlic, 4 avocados, mushrooms, yellow pepper and a cucumber.

Dressings for salad. Light balsamic, salsa, poppy seed and caesar parmigiano yogurt. (Oh my gosh that stuff is AMAZING!)

Leftover 1/2 bag cherries, leftover 1/2 bag peaches, 1/4 bag black berries, 2 bags strawberries, 2 bags blueberries, leftover frozen red grapes.

Oranges, 5 pound bag of pink lady apples, lemons.

3 pears, 2 small containers of blueberries, pomegranate arils (cheat).

Crazy yogurt stash.

2 quarts of nonfat plain greek yogurt, 4 Oikos vanilla, 5 nonfat strawberry, 5 nonfat vanilla, 4 nonfat key lime, 4 nonfat vanilla (different brand), 4 nonfat orange creamsicle.

Sugarfree blackberry jam for stirring into my plain greek yogurt. (It's allowed.)

Lite sharp cheddar cheese (cheat) and fat free feta cheese (allowed). Also I have a ton of laughing cow wedges I may or may not use in swiss and chipotle flavor (cheat).

And low fat mozzarella and full fat cheddar and pepper jack I will probably use for the husband (super cheaty).

My fat free half and half (cheat), my fresh lemon-water-truvia concoction (lemonade) and miso. Miso counts as a probiotic. I really like having yogurt twice a day so if I make miso I'll be cheating and having 3 probiotics in a day (cheat).

Tea, lots and lots and lots of tea. I didn't buy all this grocery shopping. I collected it over time.

I had to make a second shopping trip today. On impulse I got bolthouse blue cheese yogurt dressing. (SO GOOD. HOW DO THEY DO IT?! I swear magic has to be involved. Uhhh I also dropped this bottle and it smashed open but thankfully only about 1/4 c spilled out and the rest I put in a tupperware. WiFi is a fan of blue cheese dressing. Good to know.) Enchilada sauce, generic splenda (I may or may not use this in cycle 1 to make these as a cheat or if not I will definitely be making them in cycle 2), italian lettuce mix, spinach, head of red leaf lettuce, ranch dip mix, onion dip mix, country gravy mix (cheat), taco seasoning, 2 18 count cartons of eggs, light sour cream (cheat), 2 jalapenos, 3 limes, and a green bell pepper.

So far I've spent $200 on groceries although some of that was definitely on unnecessary perks (like the basil and pre-seasoned meats and marinades and flavored yogurts). Bear in mind this was also for two people. And one of us is male. (Hint: Not me.)

I'll definitely be spending a lot more on yogurt, eggs, and meat though... Especially cuz I've gotta feed my husband like 1-2 pounds a day to keep his calorie count high enough.

Eeek. We'll see how long my meat stash lasts and what comes up on sale. I might have to switch myself to the vegetarian version to cut costs.

Good news? I have my tentative meal plan for myself and my husband already planned. Woohoo!

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