Thursday, September 22, 2011

Big Breakfast Challenge Day 2

Yesterday for breakfast I made a burrito.

"Fried egg" + TJ's whole wheat tortilla (Phenomenal, by the way) + salsa + turkey bacon. Served with carrot sticks and cauliflower on the side. 285 calories.

Some extremely strong coffee from starbucks that I had to water down with a boatload of half and half. 70 calories.

An unpictured, but beautiful, pink strawberry smoothie made with frozen strawbs and greek yogurt. 125 calories.

I fell asleep at lunch time, woke up at 2 pm, starved.

Miso soup + shuga snappies + sprouts. Cob o' corn on the side. And a 1/2ish serving of frozen yogurt. 320 calories.

Din din!

Salad. Red leaf lettuce + cauliflower + feta spinach chicken sausage + ranch dressing. The sausage was ridiculously salty and just... disgusting. I ended up putting most of it on my husband's plate.

Just thinking about it makes me feel kind of queasy. 150 calories.

And then there was pizza.

Homemade dough + mozz + cottage cheese + sauce + mushies + zukes. 200 calories.

Later there was more frozen yogurt. 100 calories.

And some parmesan kale chips.

LOTS of parmesan kale chips. 50 calories.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaandddd. Also uhmmm... possibly... french fries from In n Out. 400 calories. Eeps.

That's just under 1700 for the day folks.


  1. I haven't made a breakfast burrito in a long time. I'll have to change that! Your pink smoothie sounds good, too! And beautiful! Love pink food! ;)

  2. I love kale chips and all those meals look amazing :) kale chips are my favourite though....I've never tried them /w parm. Thanks for the idea :D