Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Day Of Ruin

WiFi's kennel cough appeared not to be getting better.

In fact, it appeared to be getting worse.

Yesterday he would not eat or drink hardly anything. His breathing became labored.

We took him to the vet early this morning.

She told me he most likely has pneumonia.

Pneumonia can be caused by distemper, by kennel cough, by dog flu or by various other bacterial infections.

We left him there at the hospital to be tested and treated for pneumonia and to be administered food and liquids.

It is costing us 80 bajillion dollars.

But pneumonia he can come out of. If it is a complication of the flu or kennel cough there is real hope...

But if he has distemper there is no hope.

They are doing a $200 distemper test.

If he has distemper we will likely have to put him down. It is a painful, incurable virus that causes seizures and brain degeneration. Some dogs survive it, but they are never the same.

The outlook for distemper is very bleak. In fact, for me, it means prematurely ending my little loved one's life.

If he doesn't have distemper that will be some damn good news, but we still need him to get through the pneumonia. We pray we caught it early enough. That he is still strong enough to fight it.

So... hope with me.

I just need some hope.

I want to see this little face again.



  1. ohmygosh- thats sad. I'm so sorry!! :( I'll keep you in my thoughts. I hope its only pnemonia and not distemper!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear this!!!! ....I do have to ask the painful question though, where did you get him?? I thought you said you adopted him?? but either way he could've still come from a puppy mill. Never buy from a pet store or backyard breeder. It sucks when stuff like this happens he's sooooo young. Hopefully it's not parvo. I'll pray for him and you and hopefully everything is ok :D xo

  3. I'm so sorry about WiFi!! I'll pray for you both and hope that everything goes well.

  4. The hardest thing in the world is watching a dog suffer. Please keep us updated and let us know how he is doing.