Wednesday, August 17, 2011


That's what the scale said this morning!!

Which is approximately 1.5 pounds less than it said last week.

My jaw almost hit the floor.

I'm basically ecstatic.

I expect my loss rate to slow down drastically once my body gets readjusted into this way of life but still...


I cannot wait to see 125.

Enough gushing.

This morning I didn't wake up until 10 am. Lame sauce, right?

I had coffee. 30 calories.

And then later on I had nachos! 280 calories.

I cut two small corn tortillas into wedges and baked until crispy. No oil or anything on them. Just plain. They were surprisingly good. I'll definitely always bake my chips from now on. I scooped on beans and left over zucchini/corn/garlic mixture. I also added in some butternut squash and spinach. Topped with spicy salsa.


No cheese on my nachos. I'm not vegan or anything. I just don't think a half ounce of cheese would have made much difference taste wise. Decided to save my special cheese calories for something else.

The garlic, salsa, beans and sweet corn gave these nachos plenty of flavor anyways.

Later on I had this tea. Dude. I love this tea.

I randomly found it at Fresh & Easy awhile back. I keep going back looking for more but it's gone. O.O There is just a regular chocolate tea now.


Okay. That was a little dramatic.

15 calories in my tea. Cuz I added some cream.

Real gangstas add cream to their tea.

Heck yes they do.

At 3 pm I remembered I brought snacks to work. YAY SNACKS! So I ran to the fridge in the kitchen to get my tupperware of grapes and cherries. 125 calories.

At 4 pm my usual extreme afternoon slumpy hunger kicked in and I need something more substantial. Namely this.

A smallish potato. One half topped with tzatziki, one half topped with cheddar cheese. Broccoli on the side, also topped with cheddar cheese. I carefully weighed out one ounce of cheese and... it just seemed like a LOT. It wouldn't all fit on my tiny potato! I'm not complaining though. I mean really, I'm not. It was so freaking good. 280 calories.

To end my work day I brewed some cherry green tea from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Definitely helped me get through that last hour.

After I got off work I went to my parent's house and jumped in the pool. Swam around for about 20 minutes but then I had to make dinner for my parents. (No I do not live at home. I just make dinner for my mom and dad several nights a week because they both do not like to cook and it's better and cheaper for them than eating out! I figure I am a little bit indebted to them because they didn't kill me when I was an annoying teenager.)

Dinner was this.

Homemade pizza dough, that Trader Joe's marinara sauce (It's just OKAY... I wouldn't buy it again, I don't think), a blend of cheeses, artichoke hearts and spinach sauteed in fresh garlic butter, diced tomatoes, and turkey italian sausage rounds!

My mom was practically doing a dance of glee. She really loves artichoke.

I also ate this.

A salad with ranch dressing that I diluted with milk and some broccoli slaw on top.

Also a TON of pepper. If something is creamy and savory I like to put a boatload of black pepper on top of it. So delicious.

Dinner was 430 calories. Stupid ranch dressing. I really wasn't in the mood for vinaigrette though and I wasn't at home so there was no tzatziki to be found. :(

Ah well. Ya win some, ya lose some.

To close off the night I'm drinking a cup of coffee and I had a very small piece of my sea salted caramel dark chocolate crack bar from TJ's. 50 calories.

A total of 1220 calories for the day.

Overall I rate today as 8 out of 10. I'm subtracting points because I didn't work out long enough and I didn't eat breakfast.

Otherwise? Pretty dang good day.


  1. I love to load my meals with black pepper too - soooo good! One of my favorite food memories from a kid was eating boxed mac and cheese with a ton of fresh cracked black pepper over it, haha.

  2. I would call this a very good day! :) If you browse through the recipes on my blog, you will see I load the black pepper on too! haha

    congrats on your loss!

  3. I love your eats, they look delish!

    I am a black pepper monkey as well and sometimes make my husband have sneezing fits with the amount that I put on! :)

  4. All your food looks yummy. Way to go on the weigh-in.