Friday, August 26, 2011

Shake it for the birds, shake it for the bees.

Yesterday. No idea what I did yesterday morning. I think I slept quite awhile. Eventually there was lunch. Green beans and a boca burger smeared with tzatziki and some reduced fat feta cheese. 175 calories.

At work I enjoyed some frozen grapes. (Not this whole bag!)

As well as some red potatoes and ketchup. 210 calories.

Dinner was asparagus, corn and a burrito made with a tortilla, black beans, cheese, butternut squash, and a sauteed mix of garlic, onion and celery and some potatoes.

It sounds weird. But it was good. 470 calories.

An iced coffee. 100 calories. I didn't realize the iced vias have sugar in them. *Shakes fist at starbucks* It added 45 calories to my total. Lamesauce. I didn't even need that sugar.

Ah well, lesson learned.

Once I got home I blended up a frozen banana with a bit of some of that leftover coffee. Then I sprinkled on some (non-sweetened) via.

Via, by the way, is Starbuck's instant coffee. It doesn't suck.

120 calories for my mocha banana mess.

I ate about 1100 calories yesterday.

As for today.

I got up and decided to clean up my patio outside. A neighbor's cat keeps coming over and pooping and since WiFi hasn't had all his shots yet, I didn't want him to get sick.

The whole project took probably an hour.

In the morning time I snacked on some pretzel sticks, coffee and watermelon. 170 calories.

I also roasted a chicken.

Talk about a productive morning.

At lunch time I had some spaghetti with tomato sauce, artichoke and peas.

I absolutely love how the peas pop with the red sauce. It just makes it look yummier for some reason to me. Plus I love peas. Love the natural sweetness it adds. 235 calories.

At work I ate more pretzel sticks, an entire bag of seaweed snacks and some more frozen grapes. 210 calories.

Then I came home and gave WiFi a bath.

Dinner was delicious. Some of the roasted chicken with refried beans, cheese and this frackin' amazing salsa a local restaurant makes. I have NO IDEA what's in it but I WISH I DID. This stuff is like crack. I cannot explain how good it is. Except I can tell you it tastes like no other salsa you have ever had.

It's 1 million times better.

I didn't get to photograph my actual dinner so I snapped a pic of some of the key ingredients. ;) Also I had a side of wadeemelon. 415 calories.

After that I had to leave WiFi home alone for awhile to go with my mom to Costco. I got a pair of pants for hubby, jack and cheddah cheese, a huge bag of salad, dried onion flakes and more kettle corn.

Except they didn't have the gigantic bag that I got last time. Instead they had smaller pre-portioned bags.

More expensive. But ehn. Got to try a new flavor!

Weird right? It's kinda spicy. It's good. I have a feeling my husband will love it. 90 calories.

When I got home I decided I didn't want to just sit and watch TV the whole rest of the night.

So I did what I always do.


WiFi likes to lay either right on or right beside my feet while I am cooking in the kitchen.

Here is photographic evidence.

And here is what I made.

Cheddar garlic biscuits.

They turned out AMAZING. Seriously. Best. Biscuits. EVER!!

I ate one, of course. No idea how many calories were in it. I'm guesstimating 185. I don't know why. That's just what I chose. Could be more. Could be less. Either way it won't kill me.

Also as I made the biscuits I danced around to obnoxious country music. So... that counts for something, right?

And that puts me at around 1300 for the day.

Pretty soon I'm gonna have to go get the husband from work.

And thank goodness because me and little man were busy today and we are TIRED!

Oh. Ratings. Yesterday. 7 of 10. Slept through breakfast, but I ate a lot of produce.

Today... 8 of 10. Didn't skip breakfast, but I didn't eat enough vegetables. Dinner was sort of thrown together at the last minute and I didn't want to bother making my dinner guests wait while I dug around in my freezer for a vegetable-type-thing.

Night ya'll.

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