Thursday, August 11, 2011

Never thought yogurt would be my weakness.

Kicked off the day eearrrrllyyy. I thought that warranted a delicious coffee treat.

Caramel Frappucino light! (Image borrowed from here)

A delicious 100 calories spent.

At about 8 it was breakfast time. I had dill rye bread, deliciously creamy havarti cheese from TJ's, and a smoothie made with a splash of half and half, water, frozen peaches, frozen spinach, vanilla extract and sweetener for a total of 180 calories.

My favorite part was the smoothie, for sure.

After breakfast I went to the gym and ran/walked two miles on the treadmill. Lame, I know. But at least it's SOMETHING.

Lunch meant having one of my favorite things in the world... Cajan Cabbage Casserole! The recipe is here. I omit the bell peppers because they are the work of Satan, pretty sure. 300 calories.

Accompanied by some of this. (Love this stuff.)

And for snacks at work I had broccoli slaw with TJ's spicy peanut vinaigrette. My favorite "salad" ever. As well as a teeny tiny potato with 1/2 a wedge of cheddar Baby Bel cheese, pepper, salt and hot sauce. So good for 170 calories.

Joy tea at work. <3

Dinner was not pretty. A mess of cabbage, corned beef and mashed potatoes/carrots. Thrown into a tupperware so I could eat in the car. 400 calories.

And then dessert. Ahhhhhh dessert. Indiana Popcorn's kettle corn and 1 square of TJ's dark chocolate sea salted caramel bar. (Yes I finally found it and it is AMAZING. LIFE CHANGING even.) I went to Costco to get a gigantic bag of the kettle corn and ended up tasting two samples. Those tricky tricksters. 170 calories for everything.

Okay so I thought I was gonna be done for the day but then I randomly decided I wanted to try making frozen yogurt. I wanted it to taste like the original tart flavor you get from froyo places but I added wayyyyy too much sugar. It was still awesome and I ended up scooping out probably a cup's worth from the ice cream maker while it was churning. *Sigh* 300 calories.

(Image borrowed from here. I was way too busy shoveling the froyo into my mouth to take my own picture.)

Next time I'll use greek yogurt and a lot less sugar. The stuff I made pretty much just tastes like frozen vanilla yogurt.

So I finished out the day with approximately 1650 calories and a VERY full belly. Way more than I meant to eat but I did work out a bit so I'm hoping that helped some.

I give this day a 6 out of 10.

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