Friday, August 19, 2011

Hi my name's Ty and I'm a grocery shopaholic.

I woke up really early this morning... 5:20 am. I tried to do a workout but the stupid dvd wouldn't play. Annoying.

So I read.

And had some coffee. 20 calories.

Then I had to leave the house for a bit. Had an americano with cream from Starbucks. 30 calories.

Resisted mexican bread in favor of having peanut butter puffins. 150 calories.

Was not very satisfied by the puffins as evidenced by the fact that at 10:30 am I wandered in and ate a slice of artichoke pizza along with some berries. 300 calories.

I usually do not even eat anything until 11:30 or 12:00 but something about getting up early leaves me STARVING all day long. Today was no exception.

After my too-early lunch we went to Target. All of my pants are literally falling off my butt and completely inappropriate for public. I was attempting to find some cheap transitional jeans to wear.

Except I am a midget. Being a midget makes pants shopping infinitely more difficult. It so does.

I tried on some pants though to get a feel for my current size.

Completely unhelpful. I tried on a pair of size 4s. They fit. I tried on a different pair of size 4s. They also fit. I tried on a pair of 6s. Fit. Here's where it gets weird. I tried on a pair of 7s and they did NOT fit.


Also I saw some REALLY unflattering/depressing angles of myself in the changing room mirror. YECK.

The mental images make me wanna get up at 4 am and go to the gym. That's how disturbing they are.

Know what makes me feel better when I'm feeling fat?


(I know, it doesn't really make sense. But just go with it.)

And luckily they just added a more expansive grocery section to our local Target.

I know this because they have been sending me mail with neat coupons. Like a coupon for a free bag of tortillas and 99 cent eggs. Best believe I picked those up.

Along with some clearance finds. Vanilla Rooibos mix that my husband wanted to try. (He likes it, by the way), Active Dry Yeast (I needed this anyway now that I've started making my own doughs and some breads), and 3 packets of taco seasoning (turkey tacos!).

We got out of Target at 12:40 and I realized that I needed to be to work by 1. No time to go home and make lunch. Dang it. So we hit Fresh & Easy because it's the only thing on the way.

I ended up eating rice pudding... (Delicious by the way.)

And strawberries for lunch.

200 calories.

I got a whole 'notha pound of strawberries (they were 2 for $3), two 2-liters of diet soda and a bag of ice. I drank half my 2-liter while at work. I sent the other 2-liter home with my husband and he drank half of his as well.

We're kind of addicted. Just maybe a little.

I've been telling my mom about my Trader Joe's obsession for weeks now. She also has coworkers who tell her about various things they love. Finally, after tasting the peanut butter puffins I bought, she decided she HAD to go.

I happily agreed to accompany her and we made plans to do that this evening.

Seriously ya'll, I was looking forward to it ALL DAY. Isn't that sad?

Before Trader Joe's we had dinner. Specifically In n Out. I've been having wicked cravings for it... it was time.

A protein style mustard grilled cheeseburger with ketchup and mustard instead of thousand island. Well done fries and a diet coke on the side. 650 oh-so-worth-it calories.

Then to TJ's, of course.

First, lemme show ya 2 yummy things my momma got.

Orange flavored cranberries and ultimate vanilla wafers. Those cranberries are AMAZING and I will definitely buy them next time I go to TJ's. The wafers are really good too, but I won't buy those. Too much temptation. O.O I will leave them safe and far away at my mom's house, where they belong.

She got more than that of course. The other things involve *me* cooking so I'm sure you'll see them soon enough.

Now for my haul.

Grilled asparagus. Love this stuff. Had it before. Needed to restock.

New to me: Roasted corn. Curious to know what it tastes like and I think it will be fun to use it in recipes to add complexity. Peppered turkey bacon because I love pepper and I love turkey bacon. Duh. Last we've got chili edamame. We love edamame and my husband loves chili flavors. It just looked like something he'd like so I got it.

Next up.

All new to me:

Flower pepper. Pretty much just smells like pepper. I hope I can taste the rose and the lavender. I just love pepper so I had to try this.

2 buck chuck. Don't drink wine. Want to use it to cook. (By the way- if any of you who actually enjoy the taste of wine have good suggestions for cheap cooking wines- lemme know! I seriously am lost and clueless because I don't like the stuff on it's own.)

White cheddar mac & cheese for hubby.

21 seasoning salute because I've heard so many raves about it.

Roasted green chiles. I know exactly what I want these for, but I'm not telling.

Blackberry preserves. I don't usually like/eat preserves but I made my own blackberry ones earlier in the year and REALLY liked it. The berries are too expensive to buy and make my own so I bought this instead. It's good! Very good!

Lastly... South African smoke seasoning blend. My favorite pick of the night. It smells AMAZING and I cannot wait to use it.

Next we went to Costco. Not nearly as exciting for me because my husband and I can't really consume food en masse.

I did however, get these guys.

Gigantic watermelon. And artichokes. I love both of these things immensely.

After I got home I went through my fridge and freezed the stuff I knew I wasn't going to be using up before it went bad.

Which led to me organizing my freezer.

Next project is my pantry... it's a HOT MESS right now.

Also I'm not gonna be buying any veggies besides lettuce, fruit, meat or canned/dry goods for awhile. We have SO MUCH food stockpiled. It's kind of ridiculous.

Calorie count for the day is 1,350.

I give today a 7.5 out of 10. I ate fast food, but I plan to every once in awhile. I don't consider that a failure. Especially because I kept the calorie count reasonable. My lunch sucked though and I didn't get enough veggies in.

I'm thinking peanut butter puffins might not be a substantial enough breakfast for me on the days I get up really early.

It might be relegated to snack or post-workout status.

I already know what I'm making for breakfast tomorrow. :)

And now I need to go to sleep because it's midnight and I have yet another early day ahead of me.

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