Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Puppy Diet

Monday I skipped breakfast. At lunch I had a Chicken Chipotle bistro box from Starbucks. 320 calories. I went into work a little early so I could get off early and take WiFi to the vet. He was vomiting a little and coughing. After the vet I went to get my husband and then we pretty much had to go straight out to his mom's house across town. So I ended up eating a pintos and cheese and a soft taco from Taco bell. 440 calories. On the way home from his mom's house I was still hungry and we got Burger King. I had a Jr. Whopper with cheese. 410 calories. That's approximately 1200 calories for the day.

Yesterday I skipped breakfast again. Had a coffee. 50 calories. I went into work early and forgot to pack food. After work I went to Walmart to try to find a baby gate. We were keeping WiFi in a crate-thing while we were gone but he started fighting going into it and peeing and pooping inside of it. Plus he's only 8 weeks. He shouldn't be left SO long in a small space. We decided that we're going to have to fence him inside of the kitchen and hope and pray that he'll pick up on potty training enough while we are there to eventually behave himself while we're not there.

Problem however. The doorway into our kitchen is 53". Random. Most baby gates are 42". So I didn't find anything at Walmart. Cue me calling my husband and getting all irritated and annoyed.

Went to Target to try to find something and I did.

By that time I realized I had to take my husband to work in less than an hour and needed him to install the gate before then. So since I was already turning into a hideous grump monster and wasn't going to have time to cook I grabbed Carl's Jr. 800 calories. I ate some of a salad later on in the evening. 200 calories.

1000-ish calories yesterday.

I have been eating BAD foods and also not enough food because we've been so busy trying to get the hang of life with this adorable little man.

So now it's been 4 days and I'm trying to get my eating refocused.

Today, again, no breakfast. Not a great start.

I didn't get fast food though.

Fairly close, however. A frozen meal from Costco- Lobster Mac and Cheese.

Sorta looked like this.

(Image and recipe for this homemade version found here.)

Tasted pretty good. For, ya know, pre-packaged and processed food. Bleh. It had to come out of my freezer eventually though. Might as well be while coming off of a fast food binge-o-rama. It was 300 calories for my portion.

I found some strawberries at work and ate those. 40 calories.

Had a handful of kettle corn before I left. 70 calories.

Whenever I eat fast food or frozen meals I just do not feel as hungry overall. I think fat really does keep you "satisfied".

Plus, I have been busy. When I'm busy my mind doesn't really have time to dwell on "So what am I gonna eat next?". These past few days it's more like "PLEASE DON'T PEE ON THE FLOOR, PLEASE DON'T PEE ON THE FLOOR! I'm. So. TIRED!"

I cannot wait until little man gets over his kennel cough. Then I can take him to my parent's house. I miss my mom! And I think it's good for little man to be around other animals. (She has two small-ish dogs and two attack kitties.)

That said, I also can't wait until he gets all his shots! Then I can take him for walks. (That will be good for me too. Especially because I cannot bring myself to leave WiFi home alone so I can go to the gym. I'm probably going to end up freezing our account until he's bigger and more comfortable being by himself.)

And THEN I can't wait until he's all grown up! Then I can take him to the beach, and to the mountains, and to the farmer's market and... and... and...

I'm trying to savor his puppyhood though. I know that this stage of furball adorableness will not last forever, but I am also yearning for the days of well-behaved adulthood.

Potty training is tough work! Especially when it requires waking up in the middle of the night to take him out and then again at 5 am!

I'm exhausted. Fewf.

But even though he is interrupting our schedules and lives like crazy right now, he is totally worth it.

Later on, for dinner, I had this.

Just add a little more meat, another potato wedge and way more carrots and celery. 400 calories.

To close off the night, this.

Frozen greek yogurt and a blended up frozen banana. 200 calories.

Puts me at 1100 for the day.

A little low, I know. I was going to eat again after that yogurt/banana mixture but I fell asleep and completely forgot.

Today I weigh 127.2

I give my recent days a 2 out of 10. Wayyyyy too much crap and not enough nutrients. Not quite enough calories in general.


  1. Would it be possible to make breakfast while you make dinner? That way you won't need to miss out.

  2. Don't skip breakfast! I make a bunch of muffins and freeze them so in a pinch I can just pop one in the microwaves for 30 secs and run out the door.

    Cute puppy!